On the basis of the positive experiences from the psoriasis department that had operated previously, the medicinal spa hospital launched in-patient dermatological services in April of 2007.

While the majority of the patients treated in this department suffer from psoriasis, Harkány’s medicinal waters, with their unique composition and effects, can also be effectively employed for other disorders such as those caused by keratosis, chronic inflammatory skin disorders and joint problems related to skin disorders.

Hydrotherapy is one of the most ancient medical treatments. Baths not only clean the skin and remove previously utilized ointments but they can be used for the removal of scales and scabs, for treating infected skin with the addition of antiseptic agents and for hydration. They allow for the products used for local treatments to be better absorbed and also for ultraviolet radiation used in light therapy to reach the deeper layers of skin. On the basis of this, we can reduce the amount of active agents normally used to a quarter after a thermal bath and during the course of treatment we use lower total doses of ultraviolet light. The comprehensive Harkány treatment is therefore easily tolerated and has only negligible side effects.

There is an individually-tailored treatment plan for each patient that includes the use of a natural course of bath treatments and elements of classical dermatological therapy. Great emphasis is placed on uncovering the factors provoking the problem, and assistance is given to avoid these. The specific course of therapy is designed so that symptom-free periods will last as long as possible. A significant improvement in skin symptoms can be achieved with an intensive 14-21 day course of treatment at Harkány. The peaceful resort-like surroundings help to distance the patients from their everyday life and contribute to the success of their treatments.


For the aid of the heart

The burden of our everyday life – extreme stress, sedentary lifestyle, high cholesterol level, excess weight, diabetes, and smoking – all shatter the heart or the blood vessels feeding the heart. Myocardial infarction, chest tightness, cardiac failure, sudden cardiac death – they are all everybody’s fear and quite often an actual disease one has to live with.

It also depends on us, what happens to our heart!

At our Cardiac Rehabilitation Department we offer professional programs for people affected with serious risk factors, for the ones already having a heart disease and for those that underwent instrumental, surgical intervention 4-6 weeks before; building on one’s own resources that improves cardiac action and are evidence-based.

The change of risk factors in preserving the health of the heart and the healing process, the cardioprotective medication, the individual and tailored exercise program, stress management and relaxation, lifestyle tuning and proper nutrition have significant curative effect that surpasses traditional medicalis therapy. The internal psychological and physical reserves are mobilized, the self-estimation becomes our own again.

A professional team is waiting for you to achieve these goals:

  • cardiologist
  • rehabilitation specialist
  • physiotherapist
  • nutritionist
  • psychologist
  • physiotherapy assistant and masseur
  • ergotherapist
  • social worker
  • nurses

You are in the HEART. You will have a pleasurable experience.

After the assessments of cardiac function (cardiac testing, exercise ECG, echocardiography) come the treatments (massage, hydrotherapy and electrotherapy), as well as psychological counseling and training, risk management and weight management – and you can experience the common healing effects of it all.

The results:

  • able to live with health knowledge
  • strengthening of self-confidence and good physical condition
  • quality of life has changed
  • improving life expectancy

Care is provided through the process of cardiac consultations by specialists.

Hospitalization comes to pass after a specialist’s proposal. The referral proposal is to be sent to our institute’s Admission Office, by mail, by fax or e-mail (information phone: 06-72/580-950). You will be noticed on the date of admission after the medical committee’s opinion.


Using several decades worth of experience at the Harkány medicinal spa hospital and the renowned beneficial effects of the Harkány medicinal waters, we provide a full range of rehabilitative gynaecological, physical and balneotherapy treatments for patients coming to us with the following problems:

  • Infertility of unknown origin
  • Chronic inflammations of and adhesions in the lesser pelvis
  • Symptoms caused by endometriosis
  • The need for rehabilitation after gynaecological surgery
  • Disorders caused by menopause
  • Rehabilitation of ‘pelvipathia vegetativa’ and other disorders accompanied by chronic abdominal pain

We employ the following gynaecological treatments in our hospital:

  •  Balneotherapy with medicinal waters
  • Abdominal mud pack treatments – utilizing mud from Héviz mixed with Harkány medicinal waters
  • Therapeutic massage
  •  Physical therapy

Following gynaecological, laboratory and ultrasound examinations the treatment generally takes three weeks.  In the case of accompanying rheumatologic disorders additional treatments may be recommended by rheumatologists or doctors specializing in rehabilitation.

This unique gift of nature has delivered lasting success when employed for the treatment of other gynaecological pathologies as well, for example everyday pain accompanying endometriosis, which significantly impacts quality of life and fertility, and adhesions following surgery. The spring water with its significant dissolved mineral content and the other accompanying physical therapy treatments, such as combining the use of Hévíz mud containing phytoestrogens and women’s exercise, resulted in a particular significant improvement in menopausal pathologies.

We track the effectiveness of the comprehensive treatments again, in part through the opinions of the patients themselves, and in part through conditions assessments based on objective diagnoses – utilizing abdominal palpation and ultrasound – performed by specialists in gynecology. Based on the levels of a visual analog scale (VAS) before the course of treatment, after the course of treatment and then 3 months later, it can be determined that the rehabilitative treatments in this comprehensive manner achieved an improvement of more than six levels on average. These numerical values faithfully reflect the accounts of satisfied patients.

On the basis of controlled clinical trials performed on large numbers of patients recently, the Harkány spring waters also received an official certification as “medicinal waters” for the aforementioned gynecological pathologies.


Due to the effective utilization of disease prevention strategies as well as the sensible and high-quality functioning of the system of treatment, we have been able to witness significant changes in numerous areas in recent decades. The patient/doctor relationship has developed into a partnership: the patient has become an active party to his own medicinal therapy. In addition to the classically accepted elements of treatment, physiotherapy has become a part of achieving the common goals (disease prevention, recovery and a decent quality of life). In our Department of Chronic Internal Medicine this new attitude towards comprehensive medical and physical therapy treatment that makes the most of our own resources is implemented in our care for patients suffering from heart, kidney, respiratory system or metabolic problems, as well as high blood pressure, diabetes or obesity. Our goals:

  • the prevention of disorders of the heart and circulatory system, and the influencing of the process of arteriosclerosis in a beneficial manner (reducing the risk of heart attacks and heart failures, promoting recovery from diseases and preventing heart rhythm disorders);
  • the strengthening the systems of muscular support and locomotion (developing proper ways of moving, avoiding joint prostheses, treating existing locomotor ailments);
  •   the improvement of metabolic and hormonal processes (influencing overeating, diabetes and deviations in cholesterol levels);
  •   the improvement of respiratory difficulties;
  • the deceleration of the aging process, extension of life expectancy and the alteration of sedentary lifestyles;
  • the alleviation of peripheral circulatory disorders;
  • the strengthening of the immune system (preventing tumors and deterring their recurrence);
  • the improvement of psychological functioning: increasing self-esteem and disposition towards work, reducing anxiety and tension, relieving depression and aiding in adapting to stress;
  • the reduction of neuropathic pain, improvement of the transmission speed and reaction time of peripheral nerves, aiding in coordination and relieving mental regression and cerebral arteriosclerosis in old age.

The method of therapy is determined by a doctor specializing in internal medicine/cardiology based on a medical examination. The fundamental precepts of suitability are taken into account in this. The various elements of physiotherapy and balneotherapy (treatments with medicinal waters, effervescent baths, water jet massage, individual, group and underwater physical therapy, physical training, medical therapeutic or relaxing, refreshing massage, electrotherapy and bio-magnets) are utilized alongside classical medical therapeutic treatment. A team that encompasses several medical specialties works together to aid in recovery, in the reduction of symptoms and in the prevention of the disorder’s recurrence.


The locomotor rehabilitation department at the Harkány medicinal spa hospital was established in 1977, as the second such department in Hungary outside Budapest. It differs from traditional medicine in its objectives and methods of rehabilitation, since it places as its goal the objective of making it possible for patients, whose regular human activity and social participation is limited, to live as independent and as full a life as possible.

During the course of rehabilitating patients with locomotor disorders we utilize every element of the comprehensive physical therapy provided at our institution, which we supplement with an individual rehabilitation plan after diagnosing the condition of the patient. Within the context of a team based approach, representatives from several specialties participate in realizing the goals of the plan. Following rehabilitation the patients head home with their remaining abilities better developed and strengthened, or in certain cases supplemented with assistance devices.

The Harkanyi Psoriasis Center is located in a fully accessible environment, and performs rehabilitation activities that are effective and popular with patients for the following types of disorders:

  1. Inflammatory rheumatological disorders
    • Rheumatoid arthritis and the chronic conditions of other autoimmune joint inflammations
    • Joint inflammations accompanying psoriasis
  2. Degenerative joint and spine disorders
    • Vertebral disc disorders
    • Peripheral joint arthrosis (hip, knee, small joint, etc.)
  3. Soft tissue rheumatism (Fibromyalgia, disorders of the tendons, ligaments and bursae)
  4. Locomotor organ lesions associated with basic metabolic or other internal disorders
    • Osteoporosis
    • Gout
    • Diabetic arthropathy, angiopathy and neuropathy
    • Chronic kidney disorders
    • Weight gain (obesity)
  5. Accident victims and post-traumatic conditions
  6. Conditions following joint prosthesis surgeries and other orthopedic surgeries
  7. Patients who have had surgery for herniated discs or other neurosurgery
  8. Patients with amputations due to accidents or constriction of the blood vessels
  9. Patients with damage to the spinal cord, skull or brain and stroke patients who have gone through prior neurological rehabilitation
  10. Organic neurological disorders (i.e. Guillain–Barré syndrome, multiple sclerosis, myopathy, damage to peripheral nerves, etc.)

The requirement for the rehabilitation is freedom from any accompanying disorder that would make it impossible to take advantage of a major portion of the treatments.


We have the ability to diagnose and arrange treatment (medicinal and balneotherapy/physical therapy) for the following rheumatological disorders:

  • Inflammatory rheumatological disorders
  • Rheumatoid arthritis and its special forms (childhood onset, adult onset, palindromic rheumatism, intermittent hydrarthrosis)
  • Other systemic autoimmune disorders not seriously affecting internal organs (i.e. Sjögren syndrome, mixed connective tissue disease, polymyalgia rheumatica, primary and secondary Raynaud’s phenomenon)
  • Sero-negative spondylarthropathies (ankylosing spondylitis [Bechterew’s disease], psoriatic arthritis, reactive arthritis)
  • Crystal-induced arthropathies (gout, chondrocalcinosis, hydroxyapatite deposition disease)
  • Degenerative spinal and joint disorders and their inflammatory complications
  • Soft tissue rheumatism (i.e. disorders of tendon, ligament and bursa, periarthropathy humeroscapularis – acute and chronic stages of inflammation around the shoulder joint, fibromyalgia)
  • Metabolic bone disorders (primary and secondary osteoporosis, osteomalatia, Paget-Schroetter disease)

The examinations take place in part in our hospital (x-ray, ultrasound, densitometry, laboratory and specialist consultations: internal medicine, cardiology, dermatology, gynecology, neurology, traumatology, orthopedics and rehabilitation), and in part in collaboration with the diagnostic departments of Pécs (CT, MRI, isotope examinations).

Following diagnosis and treatment we offer further care for our chronic patients.

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