Dermatology, Psoriasis

On the basis of the positive experiences from the psoriasis department that had operated previously, the medicinal spa hospital launched in-patient dermatological services in April of 2007.

While the majority of the patients treated in this department suffer from psoriasis, Harkány’s medicinal waters, with their unique composition and effects, can also be effectively employed for other disorders such as those caused by keratosis, chronic inflammatory skin disorders and joint problems related to skin disorders.

Hydrotherapy is one of the most ancient medical treatments. Baths not only clean the skin and remove previously utilized ointments but they can be used for the removal of scales and scabs, for treating infected skin with the addition of antiseptic agents and for hydration. They allow for the products used for local treatments to be better absorbed and also for ultraviolet radiation used in light therapy to reach the deeper layers of skin. On the basis of this, we can reduce the amount of active agents normally used to a quarter after a thermal bath and during the course of treatment we use lower total doses of ultraviolet light. The comprehensive Harkány treatment is therefore easily tolerated and has only negligible side effects.

There is an individually-tailored treatment plan for each patient that includes the use of a natural course of bath treatments and elements of classical dermatological therapy. Great emphasis is placed on uncovering the factors provoking the problem, and assistance is given to avoid these. The specific course of therapy is designed so that symptom-free periods will last as long as possible. A significant improvement in skin symptoms can be achieved with an intensive 14-21 day course of treatment at Harkány. The peaceful resort-like surroundings help to distance the patients from their everyday life and contribute to the success of their treatments.