Cardiac Rehabilitation

For the aid of the heart

The burden of our everyday life – extreme stress, sedentary lifestyle, high cholesterol level, excess weight, diabetes, and smoking – all shatter the heart or the blood vessels feeding the heart. Myocardial infarction, chest tightness, cardiac failure, sudden cardiac death – they are all everybody’s fear and quite often an actual disease one has to live with.

It also depends on us, what happens to our heart!

At our Cardiac Rehabilitation Department we offer professional programs for people affected with serious risk factors, for the ones already having a heart disease and for those that underwent instrumental, surgical intervention 4-6 weeks before; building on one’s own resources that improves cardiac action and are evidence-based.

The change of risk factors in preserving the health of the heart and the healing process, the cardioprotective medication, the individual and tailored exercise program, stress management and relaxation, lifestyle tuning and proper nutrition have significant curative effect that surpasses traditional medicalis therapy. The internal psychological and physical reserves are mobilized, the self-estimation becomes our own again.

A professional team is waiting for you to achieve these goals:

  • cardiologist
  • rehabilitation specialist
  • physiotherapist
  • nutritionist
  • psychologist
  • physiotherapy assistant and masseur
  • ergotherapist
  • social worker
  • nurses

You are in the HEART. You will have a pleasurable experience.

After the assessments of cardiac function (cardiac testing, exercise ECG, echocardiography) come the treatments (massage, hydrotherapy and electrotherapy), as well as psychological counseling and training, risk management and weight management – and you can experience the common healing effects of it all.

The results:

  • able to live with health knowledge
  • strengthening of self-confidence and good physical condition
  • quality of life has changed
  • improving life expectancy

Care is provided through the process of cardiac consultations by specialists.

Hospitalization comes to pass after a specialist’s proposal. The referral proposal is to be sent to our institute’s Admission Office, by mail, by fax or e-mail (information phone: 06-72/580-950). You will be noticed on the date of admission after the medical committee’s opinion.