Zsigmondy Vilmos Harkány Rehabilitation Centre is one of the largest rehabilitation institutions of Hungary, using the medicinal water. The Rheumatic Hospital was founded in 1955 established the medical foundations of musculoskeletal rehabilitation and the Rehabilitation Centre was enhanced with a new hospital wing with quality of a hotel in 2015, called “Harkány Psoriasis Centre”.

HPC is the new 45 double room hotel-quality hospital wing of the Zsigmondy Vilmos Harkány Rehabilitation Centre.

The Harkány Rehabilitation Centre has been engaged in the active patient care of those, who are suffering from musculoskeletal, especially rheumatological diseases,
gynecological diseases and psoriasis ever since foundation.
In recent years, we have further enhanced our offers with chronic internal medicine, programmed cardiology and weight management fields and related treatments.

The treatment of patients takes place using the elements of natural spa and classical treatments therapy. The complex treatments are centered around the spa pools of fresh thermal water gained from the thermal wells through the closed system.

The treatments require two to four weeks, in the first intensive phase of which the HPC provides the accommodation and appropriate treatments.