Iván Antal Péter MD

As a practising dermatologist, I battled against psoriasis together with my patients for twenty years, so I have first hand knowledge of the disease establishing a new hospital wing, accommodating 90 beds, of hotel-status – the first facility of its kind in Hungary, built primarily for treating patients with and all its concomitants. It makes me exceptionally glad that now as general director I can take part in psoriasis.

The core element of the services is the new hospital wing, built with the support of EU subsidy, ranking the status of a 3-star hotel, in which a combination of traditional and modern therapies are applied to treat our patients in a comfortable and relaxing environment.

The water of Harkány, essential for the cure, has a medicinal power known for 190 years, which has been proved also with clinical tests by now, hence therapy with traditional medicinal water can be effectively combined with state-of-the-art hospital treatments.

Our top priority is to ensure that our patients are satisfied at the end of the treatment period in our hospital, and the key to this is the success of the therapy, that is a symptomless condition. But beyond a successful therapy, it is just as important that we can deliver high-quality service in every respect to all our clients. Our hospital staff do their utmost to provide our patients with the highest professional background and the greatest care during their recovery.

Your feedback is important as it helps us to improve our institution, so please contact us with your enquiries, requests, comments in the Contact section of our website.