Nóra Nusser MD

I am from Bonyhád, I graduated from the Medical School of the University of Pécs. I worked at the Department of Medical Biology for 10 years after graduation: I educated students and conducted basic research – I liked both a lot. I love every forms of teaching that I have been doing since then. During this period, I spent almost 4 years at the College of Medicine in Memphis, Tennessee. I conducted molecular biology research and I obtained a PhD degree from its results. Those years were very exciting and educational including a lot of experience and friends, whom I still keep in touch with. I am grateful to God for this opportunity, which I have always regarded a great adventure that will finally come to an end. When I returned home, it became clear to me that I would like to deal with people instead of test tubes. At first I was interested in immunology, which includes a lot of molecular biology, and then it lead to rheumatology. All these happened during the 7 years I spent at the Department of Rheumatology and Immunology of the University of Pécs. During this period, I passed both qualification exams. 2008 was another turning-point as I started working at the Medical Spa Hospital of Harkány. I could apply my knowledge of rheumatology well, but it soon turned out that rehabilitation is the main profile of the hospital, so I obtained the certification of rehabilitation as well. What I like about rehabilitation is its complexity and human-centered approach. It realizes traditional medicine, according to which the whole person must be considered instead of only local treatment of symptoms and problems. I often try to inspire my patients to change their lifestyle or attitude and learn, and I help them to find motivation during rehabilitation. As a leader, I regard it one of my tasks to maintain or even improve the high professional quality of our work, and to introduce novelties. Creating a pleasant working community is also important in my opinion, so the employees can cheerfully perform the beautiful but still hard task called rehabilitation.

I live in Pécs with my husband, I like gardening, we often travel and we spend a lot of time with our friends and family. Physical exercise has always played an important role in my life, I used to swim and do athletics when I was a child, later I mainly ran, then I tried triathlon, and recently I started swimming again. I aim to live a full life appreciating the past and open to the future.