Magdolna Maros MD

I have acquired my medical degree at the Medical University of Pécs in 1972. My area of interest has been musculoskeletal diseases, so I have obtained certification in rheumatology and physiotherapy in 1977.

I have conducted my internal medicine practice required for the certification in Pécs. I have started working as department doctor at the Medical Spa Hospital of Harkány in May 1975, in order to perform the professional practice. After the professional examination my wishes have been fulfilled: the medical spa hospital enrolled me as a specialist. I liked working at the department, however, upon my own request; I got responsible for outpatient care. Since 1979 I am working there, currently as the head physician of the rheumatology outpatient clinic. At this clinic every day means a new challenge, with several decisions to make, further management of the lives of the patients, that all require professional training, experience and empathy. My work has been facilitated by the radiology department and the laboratory of the hospital and the opportunity that I could always have been relied on the help of my excellent, professional colleagues, besides the conscientious work of my assistants.

I started research in bone metabolism diseases 20 years ago. A great asset at work is the bone mineral density measuring DEXA device for the phylum, operating in our institution, and the bone-specific biochemical markers of the lab tests necessary for the diagnosis are also available. I am a participant of annual special further trainings. Thus, I have facilities for screening and accurate treatment of patients suffering from osteoporosis at the outpatient clinic.

The fact that I can always rely on the help of my family members is essential for performing my daily duties.

I am fond of gardening, inviting and serving my family and friends; I am never tired for these. In the rest of my free time I like to read and listen to music.