Zénó Ajtay MD

Zénó Ajtay has studied at the János Garay High School in Szekszárd, and in 1989 he acquired his degree in medicine at the Medical University of Pécs.

Ajtay acquired certification in internal medicine in 1994, in cardiology in 1998, and in cardiac rehabilitation in 2011.

From 1989 to 1999 he worked at the 1st Department of Internal Medicine of Kaposi Mór Teaching Hospital and then he was invited in 1999 to work at the then being formed Heart Institute, where he was a founding member.

The focus of his scientific interest is change in cognitive function in post-revascularisational procedures (PCI; CABG) and endothelial dysfunction. Examination of brain damages developing following cardiac surgery has been the subject of several of his publications and presentations. His other main research area is non-invasive cardiac tests, primarily echocardiography and various valvopathy types. He acquired Level 2 license in transthoracic echocardiography and Level 3 license in transoesophagial echocardiography.

He is a member of the Hungarian Society of Cardiology, and regular speaker at the annual general assemblies.

In 2009 he has completed the Healthcare Management course at the University of Pécs Faculty of Business and Economics, his thesis title: „Institutional and financing characteristics of private practices in Hungary”.

13 December 2010 – successful (100 %) thesis defence: Title: „ADMA changes in the course of revascularisational procedures”

He has been working in Harkány at the Zsigmondy Vilmos Medical Spa Hospital since 1 October 2010, where he is responsible for managing and amplification of cardiac rehabilitation. Besides this, as deputy medical director, he is supervising the operations of the chronic internal medicine department, and the cardiac and internal medicine outpatient departments.

On 1 July 2015 he was awarded with Honorary Associate Professor title by the Senate of the University of Pécs.