Therapeutic massage

The 15, 30 or 45 minute special massages performed by a therapeutic masseur on the basis of doctor’s directions are based primarily on the methods of Swedish massage. They aid in reducing muscle stiffness and improving blood supply – and thanks to this reduce muscle pain as well.

Therapeutic exercises

The 25 minute therapeutic exercise treatments, which can include individual, group and underwater exercises, are led by certified physical therapists, and take place in our gyms equipped with therapeutic aids and devices, or in medicinal water baths. The therapy fosters the reduction of, or in many cases the complete recovery from, limitations to motion that have developed for various reasons.

We place emphasis on teaching our guests the series of movements and exercises so that they can continue them at home by themselves.

  • Differentiation according to the individual exercise diagnoses
  • Large group exercises, with a maximum of 12 people placed in different groups according to their diagnoses.
  • Group underwater exercises led by a physical therapist in the hospital’s medicinal water pools with a maximum of 25 people placed in different groups according to the region of the body to be worked on.