The majority of these treatments are characterized by their muscle relaxant, pain reduction and blood supply increasing effects, but in addition to this each treatment has its own special indications. The treatments are performed in our institute’s electrotherapy unit, which allows for the treatment of 17 patients at one time through the aid of the most modern equipment. Our most frequently employed treatments:

Selective current stimulation

The electrical stimulation of weakened or paralyzed muscles, thereby strengthening and exercising them.

Galvanic baths

Electrical treatment used to alleviate pain and reduce numbness in hands and feet.

Ultrasound and underwater ultrasound

This also has a muscle relaxant and pain reduction effect similar to a massage.


The introduction of a medicine into the body through the skin with the aid of electricity.


Nerve stimulation through the skin aimed at alleviating chronic pain.


Electrical treatment that can be employed on the trunk or joints with pain reduction and muscle relaxant effects.

Diadynamic therapy

Electrical treatment with pain reduction and muscle relaxant effects.

Kowarschik-galvanic therapy

Primarily for the reduction of pain and numbness radiating to the limbs caused by herniated discs.

Magnet therapy (magnetic rings or magnetic blankets)

This has a pain reduction effect and aids in the incorporation of calcium into the bones. In the case of osteoporosis, stress fractures of the vertebrae and bone fractures it can be employed even along with metal fixing materials.

Stable (descending) galvanic

Electronic treatment for alleviating pain radiating out to the limbs.


Local warming treatment with infrared light